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Zeljko Kovacevic & Toranj 77 - Miting

NASLOV                  Zeljko Kovacevic & Toranj 77 - Miting

ETIKETA                  1980,PGP RTB  LP 5389


Zeljko Kovacevic - tenor sax; Davor Crnigoj - bass; Ante Mazuran - electric guitar; Krešimir Klemencic - electric piano; Ivo Bebek - drums


Strana A:
1. Miting (Z. Kovacevic) 5:26
2. Sjecanje (Z. Kovacevic) 6:45
3. Miš (Z. Kovacevic) 5:38
Strana B:
1. Mohito (A. Mazuranic) 5:30
2. No 3 Maji (K. Klemencic) 6:15
3. Hasta la vista (Z. Kovacevic) 5:54


Zeljko Kovacevic, saxophone and clarinet player, composer, born on 18 March 1954 in Zagreb. At age fifteen he started playing clarinet in the class of prof. Pomykalo and at seventeen he began to playsaxophone in the rock groups such as Night rain , Nirvana, (appeared on the stage of the first rock festival LJubljana 72) Ime, and Ricinus. Parallel schooling resulted with polyvalent education so that in 1974 he founded his first jazz band Moder n pop quaretet with Zlatko Tanodi. In 1976 the fusion group Toranj 77 started with its work and in 1977 he accomplished his first authorial sound records for Croatian Radio – Television. In the sphere of jazz he collaborated with B.P. convention, Super Session group, Dicic-Petrovic’s Big - Band, Studio Dance Orkestra of Miljenko Prohaska, one of the founders of the Public Orkestra of the Croatian Musical Establishment under direction of Marijan Domic. In eighties owing to the scholarship from the G.T. Institut in Burghausen he collaborated with European jazz youth under direction of Joe Viera. He appeared on numerous jazz festivals and with the musicians such as. Sal Nistico, Johnny Griffin, Joacim Kun, Eugen Cicaro, Joe Nai, Stan Tracej, Chris Nicols, Don Um Romao, Ed Tikpen, Jimmy Woody, ect. From 1981-1984 he appeared as a soloist on the Caribean Island,in Brazil, Togo and throughout Europe. Since 1986 has been employed by the Croatian Radio & TV Big Band as a tenor, soprano saxophone and clarinet player. Along with Toranj77 group, as a clarinet player he directs Zagreb Dixieland Ansambl and The Cute Group.

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