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Gojkovic-Kovacev - Trumpets & Rhythm Unit

NASLOV                 Gojkovic-Kovacev - Trumpets & Rhythm Unit

SNIMANO               16. i 17. March 1979. in Belgrade, Yugoslavia

ETIKETA                  Radio-Televizija Beograd RTB LP-4206, Yugoslavia


Dusko Gojkovic , Pero Ugrin, Stjepko Gut, Ladislav "Laci" Fidri (tp), Bora Rokovic (p),Kresimir Rameta (b), Branislav "Lala" Kovacev (ds)


Strana A
1. Quo Vadis Samba (Gojkovic) 5'45
2. Donna Lee (Parker) 3'30
3. In The Sign Of Lybra (Gojkovic) 5'00
4. Rufus (Fidri) 4'38

Strana B  
1. Adaptation Blues (Gojkovic) 7'00
2. Summertime (Gershwin) 6'20
3. Majority Of One (Gojkovic) 7'00


This recording was initially done only for radio broadcasting. There was no plan for any release. Apparently Dusko wasn't even aware when the record came out. All the tracks were recorded in two days in Radio Belgrade's studio and here you will find complete recording session including 2 previously unreleased tracks. Session represents another successful Dusko's experiment, this time with 4 trumpet players and rhythm section.  It couldn't go wrong with a Dusko as a leader and an excellent line-up. Record soon became  sought after, especially between the jazz dance fans who were after the classic jazz dance track Quo Vadis Samba.

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