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Soncna Pot

NASLOV               Soncna Pot

SNIMANO            1979 in studio 14 RTV Ljubljana

ETIKETA              1979,RTV LJubljana  LD 0566


 Lado Jaksa - saxes, clarinet, piano; Jordan Gancev - bass; Ratko Divjak - drums;  as a guest: Uros Secerov - percussion's


Strana A
1. Hrepenenje (Soncna Pot) 11:40 
2. Na poti (Soncna Pot) 6:10

Strana B:
1. Skozi (Soncna Pot) 6:40
2. Pastircekov (Soncna Pot) 4:42 
3. Zatek (Soncna Pot) 8:34


SONCNA POT (En. "The Sunny Street") was one of the first groups in Yugoslavia to introduce ethno-fusion jazz elements. A short-lived trio consisting of saxophonist and composer Lado Jaksa (ex-PREDMESTJE, SEDMINA, BULDOZER), drummer Ratko Divjak (ex-TIME) and jazz bassist Jordan Gancev. Recorded only one, self-titled and highly recommended album in 1979, which is now a rare collectors' item.

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