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Ruza Pospis-Baldani - Zvira Voda-Wellspring

NASLOV                    Ruza Pospis-Baldani - Zvira Voda-Wellspring

ETIKETA                    1990,Jugoton

MUZICARI                  Ruza Pospis-Baldani - voc,Bosko Petrovic - vib,Neven Franges - p


01.Zvira Voda
02.Dremle Mi Se Dremle
03.Vuprem Oci
04.Malo Medjumurje
05.Vehni Vehni Fiolica
06.Rozica Sem Bila
07.Medjumurski Zdenci
08.Mura Mura


Ruza Pospis-Baldani is one of the best known Croatian opera star, mezzosoprano who was performing Carmen in Met in 1970 and throughout the seventies was most popular performer of the role. She had brilliant career and was working with Karajan, Abbado, Karl Richter and many other. In this project Bosko Petrovic and Neven Franges, known for their jazz interpretations of pieces inspired by ethno music took it one step further and arranged traditional songs of northern Croatia into very intimate performance which is not classical, jazz or ethno, but all of this together in one great LP. It is less known and was not released in large edition, but worth having for classical and jazz fans.

Ruza Pospis-Baldani izvodi ariju iz opere "Carmen":

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